TOWEL RACK handmade nautical decor with a sandy colour for bathroom or kitchen

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: stainless steel, brass, rope, hemp, natural manila, Hempex rope, Synthetic rope
  • Handmade Hemp look a like rope towel holder to suit bathroom or kitchen, but could use almost any room in home, boat, indoors or outdoors .

    Very versatile towel rail, rack or holder.

    This handmade nautical towel holder rack or rail comes with two solid marine fittings with a polished steel finish, and provides for that total nautical look and feel.

    This towel rail is also available in Brass fittings which can be seen in other listings.

    Just tick the type of fitting you want in the little box at the top R/H corner of this listing.
    The price is for one towel rail.
    Suit home, boat or bathroom door, anywhere you want really.
    Easy to mount with screws provided.
    This towel holder or rail measures 32" (810cm ) total length including knots.
    Being a synthetic rope, "Hempex", or a natural hemp look a like, this rope is soft to the touch and a nice sandy colour and is not affected if it gets wet like natural ropes are.
    This towel rail has nice nautical lanyard knots at either end
    Lanyard knots are classed as a stopper knot and have many uses,but are generally used at the end of a rope and you may have seen them at the end of a gangway rope handrail as you are boarding ship.
    All my pieces are tied using traditional Marlinspike Ropework techniques from the seaman and sailors of centuries past.
  • Other variations available: 
  • COTTON is white, (top) 46cms (18inches ) $79.95
  • MANILA is brown ( the middle rope in photos)46cms (18inches )$79.95
  • HEMP is grey,( bottom rope)46cms (18inches ) $79.95
  • DOUBLE : Comes with three solid brass marine fittings with a polished stainless steel finish, and provides for that total nautical look and feel. $99.95

    Custom orders welcome.

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